Conquer Your Balance Disorder

Since 2000, the My Balance Disorder “Cure” website at (now discontinued) has provided information on how people with Meniere’s Disease might find relief from their suffering though a diet and supplement regimen.  In that time (and tens of thousands of visitors later), hundreds of people have written to let me know how this approach has worked for them. They asked many questions, told me what else they tried, and what did and did not work for them. Several years ago I started writing a book incorporating the information from my website and detailing what I have learned over the years from visitor feedback and my own research and experience. This new book also corrects and significantly expands on the old website’s content.  Its my sincere hope that this book can help ease or even eliminate your suffering from a Balance Disorder. You can get your copy in paperback and Kindle version from Amazon. The Kindle version looks best on the Kindle or Kindle Fire.


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